Series Two Steering Wheels

SEPTEMBER 14, 2011

Once again the ability to design your own custom steering wheel has taken a new turn courtesy of CON2R.

Inspired by classic racing designs, CON2R Series Two steering wheels are built on a zero offset, brushed finish stainless steel frame available in six spoke patterns and two distinct spoke styles – 3 hole and slotted.

Built with your choice of 8 solid color grips with finger grooves, these 15” diameter wheels feature a center blow horn button and standard 3-bolt mount pattern.

With the CON2R “Custom(er) Designed” system, each steering wheel is custom built as ordered to match your design. Options include color “splits”, leather wraps and custom horn button designs.

CON2R Series Two steering wheels start at $199.95 plus shipping.


Split Color Grip Steering Wheels

JULY 4, 2011

Split color front grips, the newest addition to the growing list of options for CON2R custom steering wheels, look as though they could have rolled off a Detroit factory line back when saying “Fill ‘er up” didn’t require a bank loan.

Available in 8 standard grip colors – and an endless array of custom options  – this feature makes it possible for the first time to create your own custom steering wheel with two or more color sections on the face of the grip.

Complete with chromed bezels to separate the grip sections, all CON2R steering wheels are built on a chrome plated steel frame with your choice of spoke pattern, offset, colors and trim.

These wheels have a 15” outside diameter and feature a center blow horn button with a standard 3 bolt mount pattern.

Split color front grip steering wheels start at $354.95 plus shipping.


Jolly Roger Steering Wheel

SEPTEMBER 13th, 2010

Once again the crew at CON2R has turned the steering wheel on its head - or skull if you will.

Their newest design is this limited edition “Jolly Roger” wheel that features a detailed white resin skull and cross bones built on a full steel frame with a 2” offset, a 15” outside diameter ABS grip and a standard 3 bolt mounting pattern.

This wheel is available with your choice of 8 different grip colors and the skull and bones can be customized to your heart's content with paint, patina or pummeling to achieve the dead-on look you want for your ride.

Priced at $259.95 plus shipping, only 101 complete “Jolly Roger” wheels will be produced in this one time production run.


Skull Shift Knob

DECEMBER 1, 2009

Beaverton, Oregon: CON2R has announced the availability of their first of its kind animated skull shift knob.

In additional to being anatomically correct with individual teeth and properly shaped eye sockets, this skull has a jaw that is fully articulated and able to be positioned anywhere from “shut up” closed to a full open scream.

Starting life as 3D model, it has been brought to life as an investment cast, chrome plated and hand polished in the same manner and with a material from the same family as a bronze sculpture.

Separating this skull from all others are the two accessory helmets available that have each been designed for a custom look and fit.

The first, a track style helmet, is complete with every detail down to the buckle, has been meticulously re-created to breathe life into this classic look.

The second “Mercury” helmet has put a smile on the faces of the Norse gods with its fully detailed wings and bold deco warrior style.

Both helmets are produced, as is the skull, with hand poured invested castings.  They are individually chrome plated and hand polished to gleaming perfection.

This skull has been shrunk from life size to approximately 3” tall and it comes with a standard 3/8” X 16 threaded vertebrae mount.

The Skull Shift Knob is priced at $229.95. The helmets are priced at $199.95 each. All three can be viewed online at

CON2R is a custom manufacturer of unique hot rod and street rod accessories.


CON2R Receives SEMA Global Media Award

NOVEMBER 10, 2009

Beaverton, Oregon: CON2R has announced their Custom(er) Designed Steering Wheels were selected by a panel of international media judges to receive the SEMA Global Media Award for introducing one of the best new products at this year’s SEMA show.

The CON2R Custom(er) Designed Steering Wheel program allows customers to create their own steering wheel design from more than 200,000 potential component combinations.

Geared towards custom car builders and the ever growing classic hot rod industry, the key to the Custom(er) Designed Steering Wheel program is the graphic interface CON2R developed allowing customers to go online and see their steering wheel built on screen as they select from a library of spoke patterns, offsets, color combinations and trim elements.

This program can be found at

Winning products for this award were chosen at the SEMA show based on the level of consumer appeal each will have in the journalists respective country.

The SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world. It draws more than 100,000 industry leading buyers and 2,000 exhibitors from over 100 countries.

CON2R is a custom manufacturer of unique hot rod and street rod accessories and can be visited online at